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What are the minimum requirements to run Annotum?

There are two options for running a site based on Annotum:

  • On To run an Annotum site on, simply visit and add a new site, then navigate to “Appearance > Themes > Install new theme” from the dashboard, and select any “Annotum” theme.
  • On your own WordPress site. To run Annotum on your site, your site will need to meet the following minimum requirements:
Annotum Minimum Requrements

If you host your own Annotum-powered site using WordPress, the following are the minimum requirements necessary:

  • WordPress version 3.3
  • PHP 5.2.4 (including libxml 2.6.29 or higher)

For more information about hosting your own Annotum site, please refer to the Annotum version 1.0 Release Notes on GitHub

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