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How do I migrate my Knols to my own WordPress (or other) site?

Note: If you plan to use co-authors, reviews, or other workflow features on your new site, you probably want to enable workflow before performing the content migration. Please see [this article]( for more information.

To migrate your knols from Google to a self-hosted WordPress site, follow these steps.

  1. Visit the knol home page and look for the “Export my knols to” link:
  2. Click the link and follow the instructions to download your knols to a file
  3. At this point you have several options
    1. To move your content to a non-WordPress web site or content management system, follow these steps:
      1. Open the HTML files from the knol export download, and copy them to your site.
      2. Upload or copy any associated graphics files included in your article(s).
        • Please see “notes” below for more information.
    2. To move your content to an Annotum-powered WordPress site that you host, follow these steps:
      1. First create a new WordPress site using one of the Annotum themes, Annotum Base or Annotum Sans.
        • Note: as with the migration to, you will want to invite or create, in advance, any co-authors that contributed to your knols, if you want to retain them in your new system and allow them to continue to collaborate. You would create one user on your WordPress site to correspond to each author in the imported knol(s). If you only plan to have one author, or you don’t need co-authoring on the imported articles, you can skip this step.
      2. From your Annotum dashboard, navigate to “Tools > Import” and click the “Google Knol WXR” link, then follow the prompts to upload your WXR file (within the knol download from step 2 above)
      3. Upload the file, map users/author, and indicate whether you wish to download and import any attachments such as images.
        • Note: as mentioned above, if you only have one author (yourself), you can skip the mapping section.
    3. To move your content to a non-Annotum WordPress site:
      1. Follow the steps above for converting to an Annotum-powered WordPress site.
      2. Open each imported article in the editor (Dashboard > Articles > Click Article Title in listing), and press the “Convert to Post” button. This will convert the article from an Annotum article to an ordinary WordPress post.
      3. When you are finished converting all of your articles, switch your WordPress theme to any other, non-Annotum theme.


  • For any of the methods above, you will likely have to perform some cleanup of formatting and other minor edits.
  • You should also make sure to check that your images are hosted locally and not on knol. [Depending on how you inserted graphics into your knol, the migration process may ‘miss’ some graphics and leave the image links pointing to knol instead of your destination site.] In such cases, you need to save the file(s) locally by right clicking and choosing “save image as..” from your browser, then upload that file as a new image in your destination WordPress site.

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