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How do I customize the menus in Annotum?

You can add links to posts, articles, pages, or any other URL to Annotum’s menus for your own custom site navigation.

Annotum offers three menu “areas” that you can customize; if you haven’t customized them they will show some default entries.

1. The main menu (default: link to “home”)
2. The “secondary” menu (default: link to log in or log out)
3. The “footer” menu (default: about Annotum link)

The basic steps for customizing menus are as follows:

1. Open the menu editor (Dashboard > Appearance > Menus)
2. Create a new menu
3. Add pages or other links
4. Save your new menu
5. Use the dropdown to assign your new menu to one of the three Annotum menu spots.

For more information on customizing menus in WordPress, see:

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