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Content editing problems with and 3.9

As noted in a recent post on, "Annotum 1.x problems with WordPress 3.9", there is an incompatibility between Annotum 1.x and the most recent version of WordPress (v3.9+).  You may see missing toolbar items in the article editor, or no toolbar or content at all.  In addition, annotum-specific functions such as references, equations, and figures may not work.

This affects both self-hosted ( and sites, but only for the "article" post type.  Normal posts and pages work fine and continue to be fully supported and editable.

We are actively working to fix these issues for self-hosted sites, and we are in communication with Automattic (operators of to coordinate this work.

Unfortunately for now there are limited options for those needing to update article content:
  • Use 'convert to post'. If you do not use any annotum-specific functions, you can convert your articles to posts using the 'convert to post' button on the article editor.  NOTE, however that this will strip out any annotum-specific content, co-authors, and workflow (review) data, and will likely affect the article formatting.  Some touch-up editing will likely be required.  Please note also that this is a one-way process; there is no way to convert the post back to an article.

    If you do convert your content to posts, you can select another, non-annotum theme which does not use the article post type.

  • Downgrade to a WordPress version lower than 3.9.  For self-hosted sites only, you can get back most of the annotum functionality by downgrading your site to WordPress 3.8.3 or lower.  Please be sure to make a complete backup of all site content, files, and databases prior to downgrading.

  • Wait for a fix.  For self hosted sites, we are hoping to release Annotum 2.0 in the coming weeks.  This version will be fully compatible with WordPress 3.9 (and not incidentally contains significant improvements to media handling, xml validation, and several other functions).

    Annotum 2.0 will be announced @annotum on twitter as well as via; you can also follow annotum development here.  For information regarding annotum sites on, you can follow this support thread.
We are working hard to fix these problems and regret any inconvenience.  Please feel free to contact us via should you have any questions.

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