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  1. Adding and removing sections and subsections

  2. Annotum Final Release

  3. Annotum Users, Roles and Permissions

  4. Can't enter any article body or abstract - toolbars/controls missing with Annotum 2.0 and WordPress 4.3+

  5. Content editing problems with and 3.9

  6. Fixing “There is an xml error in the body." errors with Annotum 2.0

  7. Help! I upgraded to Annotum 2.0 and now I can't edit anything!

  8. How do I add, invite, and remove coauthors, or change the primary author of an Annotum article?

  9. How do I create and insert references in my articles?

  10. How do I customize the menus in Annotum?

  11. How do I download Annotum?

  12. How do I enable and use workflow (peer review) in Annotum?

  13. How do I insert equations in my articles?

  14. How do I insert figures and quotations in my articles?

  15. How do I migrate my Knols to Annotum on

  16. How do I migrate my Knols to my own WordPress (or other) site?

  17. How do I remove the "login" link at the top of the page?

  18. How do I set up featured articles in the home page carousel?

  19. How do I view and compare article revisions?

  20. I can't find Annotum on

  21. I only see one row of toolbar buttons, and some are missing!

  22. I'm looking for a knol but it is gone! What should I do?

  23. May I copy or re-use the contents of this knowledgebase?

  24. Sub-menu items don't display

  25. Test article

  26. What are some examples of Journals using Annotum?

  27. What are the minimum requirements to run Annotum?

  28. Who reviews or approves content for Annotum?

  29. Why is the Author Listing blank?

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