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How do I download Annotum?

From the Annotum Download Page, a number of files are available:

  • Source code – the latest source code for both the main Annotum Base theme and the child Annotum Sans theme can be obtained by clicking one of the button links near the top of the page, “Download as zip” and “Download as tar.gz”:
  • Packages – several packages are available from the Download Packages list:
    • AnnotumMAMP.dmg – Self-contained Annotum+WordPress+MAMP Stack – open and drag to applications folder to run (Mac OS X)
    • – Self-contained Annotum+WordPress+WAMP Stack – unzip and run (Windows)
    • and – zip files of version 1.0, suitable for uploading to your own WordPress site

The screen shot below shows what’s what on the download page:

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