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Who reviews or approves content for Annotum?

It is important to remember that Annotum itself is nothing more than a set of software tools (in the form of a WordPress theme and included plugins) that allows you to author, review and publish scholarly articles and journals.

Annotum is not a single site, nor is it a repository of content in the way that Knol was. Instead, Annotum is a tool that can be used on or on your own WordPress site to perform many of the functions that were available on Knol (along with some new functions).

There is an Annotum site, but it is essentially an information and news portal about the tool called Annotum, not the place where Annotum-generated content is hosted.

Thus, it is up to the site owner to determine:

  • What content is included or reviewed
  • Who is responsible for reviewing
  • All standards regarding submission, review, approval, and publishing

If you have any questions about installing, configuring, or using Annotum, please access the Annotum Help Desk at

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