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How do I insert figures and quotations in my articles?

Annoutm provides custom dialog boxes for inserting figures and block quotations in your articles.


To insert figures, follow these steps.

Click the (Insert Image) button:

Use the insert figure dialog to select and upload an image:

You can create two types of images, inline and Figure.

Inline Images

Inserting an inline image


This dialog box is used for inserting images, and adding a label, caption, and copyright information.

For structured figures (more common in scholarly content), fill in the fields and use the “Display as Figure” option

You can insert the full image or just a thumbnail. Here’s an example of a figure with title, caption, and copyright information.


You can insert quotations by using this toolbar button:.

Simply fill in the dialog, which is similar to the insert figure dialog:

This dialog box is used to insert block quotations.

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