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Fixing “There is an xml error in the body." errors with Annotum 2.0

Sometimes when opening an article in the editor, you'll see the following error message:

“There is an xml error in the body. If this article is in a published state it will be transitioned into a non-published state until these are fixed”.

Invalid XML usually comes from content created prior to version 2, and will need to be fixed in order to publish (or re-publish) your article.

To fix these particular errors, you need to go into the anno-source tool and correct any invalid XML.  

Toolbar button: 


One typical error shows up as missing images in the article editor.  To fix this open the code editor (click the anno-source button), and find the <media elements that are causing the errors. Then modify the XML as follows:

Before: <media href="blah"
After: <media xmlns:xlink="" xlink:href="blah"

(Here, "blah" is the href for your link.).

You may see some other errors when you click "validate"; you'll have to fix them to republish the article - please feel free to submit a support ticket via should you need assistance.

For reference, here is a demo article that contains valid XML:

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